Catering to the Community


Performing Arts Delivered to Your School’s Doorstep

Increase the competitive value of your school and round out your educational offerings with a robust performing arts program designed to improve learning, foster imagination, and develop interpersonal skills.

The Los Angeles Academy of the Performing Arts (LAAPA) works side-by-side with educational institutions to offer students classes and workshops in contemporary and classical acting, musical theatre, and singing, as well as opportunities to showcase their talents in high-quality theatrical productions. Our flourishing arts programs cater to the unique talents of every child and are tailored to address the learning needs of the students, as well as the school’s scheduling needs and budget.

The outreach program at LAAPA is geared towards schools that value a holistic approach to education and recognize the contributions of the performing arts towards this endeavor. Outreach programs can be held in school, during or after school hours, or at one of our nearby locations.

We work with teachers to design a performing arts curriculum to complement what students are currently learning in school. Our extracurricular programs expose students to different artist-teachers and diverse techniques and allow them to continue their performance training throughout the summer.

Afterschool Enrichment

LAAPA offers fun enrichment programs in the performing arts for kids 4-18. It’s perfect for educational institutions that don’t yet have a thriving theatre program. We can come teach one or multiple classes each week to kids with a thirst for the arts.

Here’s a sampling of individual class offerings. Programs are created according to your school’s needs.


Students will learn proper singing technique, vocal production, and song interpretation. Although classes provide individual attention, the emphasis is placed on ensemble singing, learning basic harmonies and rhythms, and ear training. Classes begin with warm-up and vocal exercises, and progress to song performance.


Training combines specific techniques, theatre games, and acting exercises to help fuse the student’s voice, body, and imagination into a powerful tool of communication. Throughout the course, emphasis will be placed on group interaction and the development of social skills. Students will perform monologues and scenes from contemporary and classical plays.

Musical Theatre

The focus is on characterization, song interpretation, and scene study. The musical theatre course works in conjunction with the dance and music training to prepare students for performance. Students will perform scenes from new and established musical theatre works.

Shakespeare for Kids

“My four-year-old knows an entire Shakespeare sonnet…I am, quite simply, blown away…” – Erika Maxwell, Publicist

LAAPA offers this unique learning opportunity as part of its school outreach program. Shakespeare for Kids is an ongoing class that mirrors the academic school year, and is tailored to preschool and elementary-aged children. Students are introduced to the history, poetry, and language of William Shakespeare. They will learn about Elizabethan England, metaphor, iambic pentameter, and the difference between prose and verse. Each child will complete an art project, as well as perform a sonnet and a scene.

In-class Performing Arts Curriculum

A project-based approach that ends in an outstanding performance. LAAPA instructors team up with teachers to develop a show that enhances current classroom curriculum. This hands-on approach has kids writing, acting, and singing from start to finish. Studying ancient Egypt? Let’s put together a play where pharaohs and mummies come to life. Learning about flight? Have the kids take a trip back to Kitty Hawk and fly with the Wright brothers.

LAAPA also offers a ready-made performance arts curriculum to schools in need. Plug and play!

Full-scale Productions

Let us entertain you! Leave it to LAAPA to produce a full-scale and first-rate theatrical production starring your students. Students will get firsthand training in performance, stage management, set building…all aspects of theatrical production. Production development, be it as a class or extracurricular, runs from 10 to 12 weeks.

LAAPA instructors and directors are gifted educators and professional performers. They have extensive training in their disciplines and have met the standards of excellence we require of all our instructors.

Below are just a few of the schools that have partnered with LAAPA:

  • St. James’ Episcopal School
  • St. Monica Catholic Elementary
  • Open Magnet Charter
  • Brawerman Elementary – East
  • Lookout Mountain Preschool
  • Extera Charter Schools
  • Global Montessori

Does your school have an altruistic vision and a love of the arts? Contact us to discuss adding the performing arts to your educational offerings.