Training combines Meisner technique, theatre games, and acting exercises to help fuse the student’s voice, body, and imagination into a powerful tool of communication. After acquiring a solid acting foundation, the coursework progresses to the exploration and performance of classical text. Throughout the course, emphasis will be placed on group interaction and the development of social skills. Students will perform monologues and scenes from contemporary and classical plays.

Course Material

  • Acting technique
  • Theatre Games
  • Monologues
  • Scene Study
  • Shakespeare

Musical Theatre

Focus is on characterization, song interpretation, and scene study. The musical theatre course works in conjunction with the dance and music departments in training and preparing the students for performance. Students will perform scenes from new and established musical theatre works.

Course Material

  • Acting technique
  • Song Interpretation
  • Scene Study and Performance
  • Audition technique

Shakespeare for Kids

This class is offered periodically throughout the school year and as part of the Summer Performance Camp program. Children are introduced to the poetry and language of William Shakespeare. Students will learn about metaphor, iambic pentameter, and the difference between prose and verse. Each child will be given a monologue or scene to be performed on the last day of class.

College Audition Prep – Musical Theatre (Ages 17 and up)

A ten-week intensive class in essential singing technique and interpretive skills designed to help the student secure a position in the college musical theatre program of his or her choice. Extensive work in picking and preparing singing material that showcases the student’s strengths.

College Audition Prep – Acting (Ages 17 and up)

A ten-week intensive class in essential acting technique and interpretive skills designed to help the student secure a position in the college drama program of his or her choice. Extensive work in picking and preparing acting material that showcases the student’s strengths.

Production Class

Each twelve-week session culminates in a production.  Productions range from musical theatre, drama, and Shakespeare.

Dance and Wellness


Ballet provides a solid foundation for all other styles of dance. Students receive training in classical and contemporary ballet while learning positions and terminology. Strong emphasis is placed on proper technique and the execution of movement. Classes include extensive barre and centre floor work. View a glossary of ballet terminology here.


Jazz is an energetic style of dance with an emphasis on originality and individual style. Students learn a combination of jazz styles including authentic, modern, contemporary, and ethnic. Jazz dance combines improvisation with the rhythms of jazz music.


Highly percussive by nature, tap dance focuses on creating syncopated and intricate rhythms. Classes include learning basic steps and drills, and progressing to more advanced steps. Students learn and perform a combination in each class.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop incorporates various styles of old and new urban dance. Classes include a warm up and an introduction to the basics such as funk, popping, locking, breaking, and boogaloo. Combinations are broken down by the instructor and then performed in class. View the Dress Code Policy for dance classes

Aerial Dance Fitness

Aerial Dance Fitness, created by International dance champion and aerial performer, Ruby Karen, combines aerial arts, dance, and various exercises to improve strength, endurance, and flexibility. Students are able to use a variety of aerial apparatus, including lyra/hoop, tissu/silk, and hammock.


Yoga is an ideal low impact class that challenges the practitioner both in body and mind. Classes focus on developing balance, strength, alignment, and flexibility. Proper breathing and posture is emphasized throughout all poses.


Based on the system developed by Joseph Pilates, mat classes emphasize the six main principles of concentration, control, centering, flow, precision, and breathing. These principles were designed to create progressive resistance, which helps build strength and stabilization in the core muscles of the body.



Vocal Technique

Students will learn proper singing technique, vocal production, and song interpretation. Although classes provide individual attention, emphasis is placed on ensemble singing, learning basic harmonies and rhythms, and ear training. Classes begin with a warm up, and vocal exercises, and progress to song performance.

Group Guitar or Ukulele

Group classes are structured to meet the needs of students at all levels of experience. Students will learn chords, rhythms, and beginning music theory, and will be playing their instruments on the first day of class. Individual songs will be assigned throughout the course. Students may bring their own acoustic guitar or ukulele or purchase one from LAAPA


Private piano lessons are open to Academy and Junior Academy students as well as the community, and are tailored to the student’s individual needs and goals. Lessons are either thirty minutes or one hour.

Mom and Me Duets (Open class, all ages)

A joyous morning of singing and theatre for you and your daughter or son where the goal is to simply have fun! You and your child will sing both as a duo, and in production numbers with other parents and their kids. Fathers and their kids are welcome to join in too!


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