Josie Walsh- Ballet

Josie Walsh- Ballet

Named “25 to watch” by Dance Magazine.

Josie is a native of Los Angeles and former professional dancer with the Joffrey Ballet, Zurich Ballet, and Oregon Ballet Theatre. Her choreographic career began with the Zurich Opera and moved onto several freelance projects throughout Europe. Upon her return to Los Angeles she integrated this vast background into the commercial world. Choreographic credits include the feature films: Underground Comedy, Walt Disney’s Tinker Bell, and the MGM premiere, Bullet Proof Monk. TV: LA Music Awards,Torchwood, The Cleaner, That’s Life, and a national commercial for Yahoo. Industrials: Red Bull Formula One, Paul Mitchell. Stage: Zurich Ballet, Asia Entertainment, Queen Mary Live, Focus Fish Flying Circus, Project Angel Food, and the rock opera, Pilgrim. Contemporary Ballet commissions: Los Angeles Ballet’s New Wave LA Transmutation, State Street Ballet’s Evenings, Luminario Ballet’s Luminate, Harvard Ballet’s Deconstructed, Aeolian Ballet Theatre’s Taming of theShrew, Santa Monica College’s Golden Doorway, and Celebrate Dance’s Internal Affairs, and Found.

Josie Walsh in MyoKyo’s production of Garden of Reason.

MYOKYO full length Renegade Rock Ballet Productions: Garden of Reason, Gone with the Whim, and Avalon and Carnivinyl.

As an artist and teacher, Josie’s primary goal is to invoke, inspire and compel from herself and her audience a more deeply realized meaning.